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Holistic Learning

Unlike many other training institude that offer a linear experience that force-feeds theory to students, Ibanga Academy offers a holistic learning system.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading academy that provides quality education programmes to produce leaders of high calibre who stand out in the crowd.
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Our team are capable to usually

Our team comprises of directors and associates who are experts and professionals in the Education.

Ibanga academy is a 100% black African female owned Academy, and is an equal opportunity employer

Our team comprises of directors and associates who are experts and professionals in the Education, Engineering, Training, Creative and Development Industries. As a company or individuals, directors of Ibanga Academy have capacity and expertise to provide quality education and development of various types and levels to learners of various ages and stages in life. 

Our Values

We provide the best academic services for you.


We provide learners with online and on site learning assistance suitable for all ages and levels of education.


It is of high priority to us that students experience a full student life.


We encourage students to participate in competitive sports, social events, and educational tours and excursions

Anyone can study with us with or without matric!

Our approach education is of high quality and flexible enough to for students to access our learning programmes any where in the world. Our online and onsite theory and practical lessons, apprenticeship and internship give our learners the knowledge and the experience necessary to excel in their chosen fields of study.

And so we strive to foster a culture of curiosity, communication and care. Our team of volunteers help introduce our students to various forms of extra curricula activities such as literature, arts, culture, dance, music, and society life

All these learning experiences help to build the confidence of our students and instill academic discipline and focus. We are proud to welcome you to tour our academy. We believe that if we teach sport, develop, love and nurture, as much as we can to our very own, – we will see great things,We will see the rise of athletes.
About us

After 21 years of our existence

Since its inception in 1999, Ibanga Academy was geared towards equipping young and aspiring entrepreneurs with educations solutions, which address the knowledge gaps that exists in our education system. Ibanga Academy is a learning and skills development institution that caters for aspirant young people of various ages, who did not complete their matric.

We provide our learners with quality education and opportunities for talent development so that they become self-assured and independent young entrepreneurs.  We pride ourselves with our state of the arts business education, which cultivates a culture of strong business practices among our learners turning them into meaningful contributors to our economy. 

Locations we serve


Ibanga Academy serves students across Kwazulu Natal & Gauteng from its three (3) campuses.

Our Integrity and Professionalism

Ibanga is one of the best education and training academies in South Africa. Out team of highly qualified staff are equipped to meet students’ education requirements with integrity and professionalism.  We specifically designed our courses to meet modern day challenges and to develop high level skills in the these areas:

  • Spiritual
  • Business and Economy
  • Finance and Investment
  • Family and Society
  • Science and Technology
  • Education and Intellectual development
  • Sport, Art and Culture
  • Leadership
  • Media and Communications